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There is a lot of work that your dream player has to go through before he can make a name for himself in NBA 2K19 via the MyPlayer Mode in the game. Starting out as an average player with just the basic knowledge of the fundamentals of the game, it is your job to guide him to climb the ladder of success and add to his stats through the way you play.
In this NBA 2K19 MyPlayer Guide, we have highlighted some tips which will allow you to level up and the rewards for each successful upgrade for your character. Obviously, you can accelerate your MyPlayer’s progression by buying Virtual Currency (VC) at any point, but none of the following tips requires you to spend.
Determine Your Objective and Set Your Difficulty

There are tons of ways to play NBA 2K. The game’s depth is both a gift and a curse. While it offers more layers than any other game on the market, it’s multi-dimensions creates a seemingly unlimited number of sub-groups and it’s impossible to please them all.
That said, you need to know which group you’re in and what you’re looking to gain from your MyPlayer experience. If you’re playing to enjoy every aspect of the game–especially the MyCareer experience–I’d advised putting your difficulty settings on All-Star or Superstar.
This will give you a decent challenge and the most realistic MyCareer experience while your player evolves. I prefer organic progression, but that’s because I’m not necessarily building my player to be a beast in PARK and Pro-Am. If your No. 1 priority is taking it to the streets, there is no need to crank up the difficulty in MyCareer. Essentially, that mode is just a piece of your grind, and you’re probably not all that interested in the story. You likely just want the VC payouts and to receive the progressions on badges, fans, and level breakers.
If this is you, don’t be ashamed to put your difficulty rating on rookie. It’ll make it easier for you to put up huge stat lines while accumulating top-notch teammate grades. You’ll get your challenges from human opponents in PARK and Pro-Am.

Remember, you might get less VC for styling on rookie, but you’ll be able to do it so often that you’ll likely earn more than you would on a higher difficulty–despite higher VC payouts.
Primary And Secondary Skills – Why they are important?
Don’t let this part of the player creation suit get to you. Ideally, you want to choose two skills that balance your player out realistically next to the expectations of the position.
With a PG, for example, Passing & Ball Handling as a Primary Skill will increase or decrease the maximum attribute cap for skills more or less relatable to the skill itself, respectively.
Obviously, Passing is more important than Blocking for a PG. If you absolutely want to go down that path, by all means, but no one wants a blocking PG that can’t pass. What’s the point?
Who do you want to be? What sort of player do you want to guide through the ranks? Do you want a defensive, low-post scoring centre? Or a driving and finishing, 3-point shooting SG?

Tips To Get You Started

Positions each have caps for attributes that fall in line with the expectations of the position, so be wary of this. As an example, a PG can’t have a perfect dunk rating. So don’t choose a PG if you want to be a short dunker. It won’t happen.
The body shape and size of your player is pivotal, and again falls in line with the expectations and types of player you want to create. You can go for a small, lean PG, and they’re going to be fast, but they won’t be strong or especially agile. This makes it difficult to defend a, say, Ben Simmons. The game does a good job of telling you we’re going right or wrong.
If you don’t quite have the time to grind through My Career, then choosing one of PG, SG or SF would be the best option for you. That way you’re getting your hands on the ball, whereas C and PF are both playing at the mercy of their guards.

If you’re confident with your shooting, then go with a guard position.

It’s important to know your build. Understanding what the maxes are for each attribute category is essential. You can see this during the character selection just before the Prelude. If you use this as a guide, it’ll tell you the kind of player you should become if you choose that build.
This is all we have in our NBA 2K19 MyPlayer Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!