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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 joins a growing list of shooting games to embrace the battle royale format with its new mode, Blackout.

Like other games in the genre, it has a deceptively simple premise: A large group of players drop onto a big island, and only one person or one team can win. To increase the chances of survival, everyone must find weapons and equipment like body armor, first aid kits, grenades and more, by searching through various buildings as soon as they land.
Here are some tips to master the game:


In a battle royale game, one of the most important skills to have is knowing how to land faster than everyone else, and Call of Duty’s Blackout mode is no different. You’ll want to know how to land fast so that you can gear up and be ready to fight as soon as possible. Although the wingsuit may take some getting used to at first, you eventually get the hang of how to use it to your advantage. Follow the tips in this guide to learn how to land faster in Blackout and beat the competition:
1. Aim for low ground
Aiming towards low ground will make you land faster! This is very effective in challenging game modes such as Solo and Duos.
2. Get to 60m/s before pulling up
Descend vertically to 60m/s before pulling up to glide to your destination. This will give you enough momentum to reach even the farthest location on the map.
Landing faster will ensure you are first to get to good weapons, loots, and strategic spots – key factors to survive the battle and win the match
3. Open parachute at a certain height
Don’t forget that Parachutes open after descending to a certain height to prevent you from suffering from fall damage! Take this into consideration when you’re targeting to land in a certain area of the map.
With this method, not only can you land faster, you can also reach locations that are pretty far from where the helicopter dropped you off. Now that you know how to land faster in Blackout, you should be able to quickly land pretty much anywhere on the map.


1. Loot and scoot
One of the key strategies in battle royale games is to stay mobile – something players call “loot and scoot.” The idea is that you get into a building, grab everything you can, and keep moving. It’s true that you’re more vulnerable out in the open and that some players like to hole up in one of the first structures they come across, but high-level battle royale players know that you’re better off constantly improving your gear. The players who continue to loot buildings get better weapons, which makes them much more effective when they finally face against other players. If you want to win, you’re going to need to kill somebody eventually.
2. Close the doors behind you and be quiet
A quick, largely reliable way to get a sense of buildings you should avoid (or maybe approach) is by noting whether their doors are open. All doors are closed at the start of a Blackout match, so if you see a building with a door open it means someone else has already been there — or might still be. By the same token, closing doors on the buildings you’re looting can make it tough for other players to track your movements, and give you a chance to ambush them if you hear them come in. As you get better at the game, you’ll likely worry less about doors and focus more on speed, but as you’re learning the ropes, stealth is a better strategy.
The sound effects in Blackout aren’t as loud as other battle royale games, but you’ll still find yourself relying on them. In most encounters, you’ll hear people before you see them, and usually because they’re running around or firing their weapons. Listening carefully will give you the upper hand because it will help you narrow down where players are coming from.
Make sure to play with headphones on so you can hear clearly and accurately pinpoint the locations of other players. Try to minimize the amount of noise you make by only sprinting when necessary and firing your gun when you’re positive you can get a kill. Be careful about approaching buildings and giving yourself away to someone who might be inside listening for other players to kill.

3. Always try to stay inside the white circle
In Blackout, like other battle royale games, you ideally want to always be inside the white circle. This is, without question, the safest way to play the mode.
You’ll potentially have a less exciting game because of it, but being in the white circle means you’ll have more time than anyone outside to react to circle changes. It may end up closing in at your current location, even, all the better.
This doesn’t mean that you should just hide in a bathroom the whole game (unless you want to), it just means that your chances of getting caught outside the zone will be greatly reduced if you always try to stay inside the white circle.
When a new circle shows up, get moving.
4. Use equipment creatively
Blackout has a host of multiplayer items that be used both defensively and offensively. We all know what to do with the various different grenades and the Combat Axe, but what about the rest?
A sensor dart can reveal the real-time location of enemies on the map for a few crucial seconds – in a small area. But attach it to a vehicle – helicopter especially – and drive/fly around to scout for your teammates. You won’t have to call out targets because your buddies will see exactly where they are.
The RC car can similarly be used as a scouting tool, and be even more effective when it has a sensor dart on it. In fact, because players have been getting killed by RC XDs for years in Black Ops games, they’ll instinctively jump out of the way or try to destroy it when they see it.
Once again, players may all know what each item does, but not everyone can react quickly enough to what’s happening. You should also keep in mind that if your enemy doesn’t see scouting tools like the sensor dart or RC car, they won’t know what hit them when they get pushed.

Finally, simply stick to the inside of buildings and camp your way to victory as you wait for a visual on your opponents – yes, we know, camping is frowned upon, but sometimes you have to swoop to desperate measures if you want that win.