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Cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto V across all platforms – PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/Xbox One, PC. Includes cell phone cheats as well. Available in English, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

GTA 5 is already an enormous game, but splitting its protagonist duties between three different characters makes it feel even bigger. Besides the narrative, it’s meant to make gameplay more realistic.

How to Do Yoga in GTA V

If you tire of GTA V’s more rigorous activities like tennis or triathlons, perhaps it’s time to try something more relaxing. Yoga is a trend that’s sweeping Los Santos, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to join in on the new fad as well. Although it does not raise any of your characters stats, it does provide a mindless getaway from the stresses of being a big-time criminal.

Part 1: Unlocking Yoga

  1. Begin the “Did Somebody Say Yoga?” mission. Unfortunately, Michael is the only one of the three characters that can do yoga, and you must complete one of his story missions to unlock the activity. “Did Somebody Say Yoga?” occurs roughly halfway through the game, after completing the mission “Dead Man Walking,” so you’ll have to go through the story as usual until this mission begins.
    • While you’re at home as Michael, Amanda comes in and a cutscene begins. The two argue for a bit, until Michael finally agrees to try out yoga with his wife. The two then exit into the backyard, followed by Amanda’s instructor, Fabien. Michael will step onto his yoga mat, and a series of QTEs (quick time events) will begin.
  1. Finish the yoga with Fabien. Button prompts will appear on-screen guiding you to press down on either of the sticks or directional arrows. Apply slight pressure, gradually increasing it as Michael gets into position.
    • If you press too hard or too quickly, Michael will stumble, and you will have to start the pose over.
    • There are a total of 3 poses. Once completed, another cutscene will begin, ending with Amanda and Fabien leaving Michael.
  1. Ride with Jimmy. After the cutscene, you’ll be in your car with Jimmy, and you’ll find a new checkpoint on the map. Follow the yellow lines to reach this point. Another cutscene will begin, which features Jimmy picking up drugs from one of the workers.
    • Jimmy coerces Michael into trying some, which immediately blurs the screen and makes the car impossible to control. Jimmy pushes Michael out of the car. After this, Michael has hallucinations, and dreams that he is dropped mid-air over Los Santos. After this, Michael wakes in his underwear and rushes back home.
    • The house is empty, with only a note behind from Amanda saying that his family has left him. After this, the mission is complete.

Part 2: Doing Yoga Yourself

  1. Find locations to do yoga. There will now be two locations on the map where you can do yoga: Michael’s backyard and the top of Mount Gordo. To view these locations, press the Start key (PS3 and Xbox 360) or M key (PC). The yoga icons resemble a figure sitting with crossed legs.
    • For directions to the two locations, press the X button (PS3), A button (Xbox 360), or Shift Key (PC) while your cursor is over the icon.
  1. Go to one of those locations. Just follow the map to the location of your choice, and once you reach the predetermined yoga location, an on-screen prompt will ask if you wish to do yoga.
  2. Do yoga. Select the “Yes” option. Once you select “Yes,” Michael will begin doing the 3 poses he practiced with Fabien earlier. If you make a mistake with the buttons, you will have to start the pose over once more.
    • The yoga session ends after the third pose, but can be repeated indefinitely.
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