Version 1.0.2005
Os IOS, Android, PC

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The world’s favorite cat is back in My Talking Tom 2 and this time there will be lots of new activities, games and several ways to keep him happy and healthy. Yes, Tom can repeat your words and react when you touch him. But wait there’s more! You can fling him up in the air; move him from one place to another with your finger, thanks to some great game physics. Tom reacts when he is hungry, or when he needs some sleep. You can even treat his cold, groom him and play games with him. There’s also a new member in the house – a cute mouse which seems to be his favorite. Well, your pet now has a pet. In My Talking Tom 2, you can also interact with him along with your cat and watch him cuddle Tom as both sleep. Adorable! As you progress, you will unlock pets that can give your cat some company.

1. Keep Tom Happy
If you are going to keep a pet, you better make sure he is happy. This is the number one priority in My Talking Tom 2. The good news is that there are different ways for you to make him happy. First, you can tap on the smiley face button when you are in the main yard. This will give you access to the mini games as well as the toys you have. Playing games and with toys both make Tom happy, so just pick whichever tickles your fancy. Speaking of tickles, you can also rub his tummy or hold him up and move him around to quickly improve his mood.

2. Fill Tom’s Stomach
Playing games will surely work up an appetite. Pay attention to Tom’s hunger levels in My Talking Tom 2. Click on the button with the fork and knife icon to access the kitchen. From here, just tap on or drag food items in order to feed Tom. If you are out of food, you can buy more from the store in My Talking Tom 2 by tapping on the green plus sign. Try to buy food that gives you the most value for your money. For example, four carrots fill up Tom’s hunger meter faster than a piece of cheese would, but they cost the same. Keep in mind that your pet won’t accept additional food once he is full. If you feel like feeding Tom some more, you can give him a Hunger Potion which will instantly make him hungry.

3. Take Tom to his Toilet
In My Talking Tom 2, Tom should be in the green zone. You don’t want Tom with a constipated look on his face. When flush toilet level goes too low and is in the red zone, it’s time for him to go to the toilet. He won’t eat or play with you until he relieves himself.

4. Play games to get Flight Tokens
Flight tokens are used to fly and get chests. Tap the airplane icon on the extreme right to fly to a new location and then tap a chest to collect cards. Each card grants some rewards, such as coins, stars, food and a decoration item. You can’t fly if the airplane or flight icon isn’t full. You can fly twice if you get 1000 tokens. Chests are the best way to get lots of coins and stars in My Talking Tom 2, so make sure you collect plenty of tokens to get them. Playing games also increases Tom’s happiness.

5. Take Tom to the Shower to keep him healthy
In My Talking Tom 2, the shower button will take you to the bathroom. This is where Tom can do his business once he is full. You are free to close the door when he is doing this if you don’t feel like watching him squirm while getting things done. Once he is finished, you should probably give him a bath. Feel free to use any of the soaps since they all have the same result. It is just a matter of preference which one you use. Finally, if Tom is injured or sick, you will find the medicine cabinet in the bathroom as well. Just tap on the different remedies and see which one will cure whatever is ailing him.

6. Spend your Stars to Unlock Games and Items
One form of currency in My Talking Tom 2 is the Star. These can be spent to unlock items that can help you on your adventure. Don’t worry about getting duplicates because they will automatically be converted to Stars. Even items from worlds that have not been unlocked are available when you spend stars. If you are going to spend your Stars, make sure you go for the rarest ones you can find. The items from the Adventure Island are often given out as rewards, so hold on to your money and save up for better chests.

7. Level up faster
Complete actions such as feeding Tom, playing games with him, etc. to get experience points. The experience bar on the top-left corner of the screen fills up little by little every time an action is performed. When it’s full, you level up. Your virtual pet cat grows up a bit every 5 levels. You will earn 1000-1500 flight tokens when you level up in My Talking Tom 2.

While it is good to be competitive, one of the main reasons people play this game is the fun factor. Don’t take things too seriously. Collect as many items as you want then mix and match them with your cat. You can go for different themes in terms of decoration. You can even change Tom’s color scheme, allowing you to create a kitty that is truly unique.

In case you know other tips or tricks for the game, be sure to drop us a line in the comment section!