Dowwload 50,000+
Version 1.1
Os 4.4

Description App

The day of Battle Royale Grand Mobile V2 has dawned again in the best action-packed games ever. Fight like a pacific battler on the front line with the high veracity of grand battle plan. It’s a real-time war!

The legendary action paced shooting will give you feel to stay on your toes. Shoot the rival waves by deploying edifice strategy in the fatal battlefield. Just focus on your target to survive and strike hard to eradicate all unknown adversaries in the war.

Expert paratroopers are helping you to land on the dome of opponents through parachutes. So being the last survivor in the Battle Royale Grand Mobile V2 you are assigned with different tasks to accomplish. Collect your survival assets to take over on the battle arena of foes. Show your ultimate shooter skills in the field to take down all contagious rivals. Conquer the frontier on the front line of devastating adversaries by all survival shooting assets creatively and become last standing survivor of the combat game.


1: Addictive and thrilling Battle Royale game play

2: Challenging and engaging missions to unlock

3: Epic and Marvelous 3D graphics

4: Real life sound effects

5: Download free Grand game